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60. Primary

  • 1 hour
  • 140 British pounds


What is Primary, is something I’m asked over and over again where ever I go, I guess there is still a great deal of intrigue around the subject, and whilst I’ve not published anything massively enlightening over the years, luckily for me there is so much information around nowadays, when I first started to work with this consciousness in 2012, literally there was nothing when trying to conduct my own research. Fortunately, since 2014 I’ve conducted many interviews with journalists and spoken on radio stations and podcasts and there I have been able to convey what Dragon energy entails. Primary as a treatment is our Signature flagship session… The difference between Primary and Fusion is; that whilst fusion is a consortium of many modalities of natural healing, Primary is where I work fully in an altered state of consciousness ( also referred to as trance ). Whilst in this state it’s as if I’m fully removed from the equation ( mentally and intellectually ) I’m there just to hold space. This allows the Dragon Consciousness ( Dragon Energy ) unaffected by my ego to enter into the room via the side of me and work with you directly. This in turn provides greater and faster results. One of the reasons for this is due to the energy working with you directly and not coming through me. I guess if you think of me as a filter and the energy travelling through me can somehow become tarnished for whatever reason, diet, lifestyle, stress, resentment, anger. All of these play a factor. There are of course steps I take to limit the tarnishing of energy in the Fusion treatment. I am Alcohol and Caffeine free, my food choice lifestyle is Vegan and on Clinic days I remain raw, eating only fruit and drinking water, smoothies and green juice until I’ve finished work. I have interventions set up for how I manage and deal with stress in my life and thankfully my 12 steps allow me to take inventory daily for resentments and anger that of course will always surface in everyday life. Since 2017 Primary has been our best selling treatment in the UK and US. An average of 65% of treatments booked per year are Primary. Primary is a 60 Minute session which again sees the couch aspect around 40-45 minutes. Again this session sees the client laying on a couch fully clothed in an altered state. This session is also non-invasive and non-intrusive.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance to avoid late cancellation penalty.

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