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The Lodge Space is so much more than a job! We are a family community paving the way for the kind of  world we want to live in, as we orient ourselves with our hearts, our health and our community.

The Lodge Space is a Yoga & Wellness Centre and Health Cafe dedicated to uplifting community spirits, holistic health and healing.


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There are no job openings at the moment....

Perks.of the.Job

  • Free unlimited membership

  • Free 30 minute taster treatment sessions & 20% off all in-house treatments.

  • 20% off studio & treatment room hire.

  • 2 x hot drinks and 1 meal per shift.

  • Holiday pay with salary monthly.

  • Pension scheme available.

  • Flexible working hours over 7 days per week.

  • Fun, relaxed and trusting work environment.

Deliver PRESENCE through service. 

Embrace GROWTH.

Cultivate an EXPERIENCE that encourages unique expression. 

Support MINDFUL CONSUMPTION in every form. 

Offer ACCEPTANCE for all.

Present clarity through healthy COMMUNICATION.

Advocate alignment with NATURE, working synonymously with the elements.



Let your WORD be your WORD

Create UNITY.

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