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Our beautiful studios and treatment rooms are available to hire for wellbeing workshops, teacher trainings, events & adhoc treatment hire

Hire Our Space

Bonus: Both studio 1 + 2 can be merged to create an L-shape which can accommodate 35-40 people plus one instructor.

If you wish to hire a studio or treatment room, please fill in our submissions form at the bottom of the page.


Studio 1

  • Room spec:12.5m x 6.5m

  • Glass front, with view over Southwark Park

  • 1 mirrored wall

  • Air conditioning / Heating

  • Equipment included: Yoga mats Cork bricks Yoga straps Yoga wheels Speaker with aux/phone leads

  • Capacity 22 students + 1 Instructor


Studio 2

  • Room spec: 12.5m x 6.5m

  • 1 mirrored wall

  • Air conditioning / Heating

  • Aerial / TRX rigging points (extra fee)

  • White screen for projector (projector not included)

  • Equipment included: Yoga mats, Cork bricks, Yoga straps, Weights, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Slam balls, Resistance Bands, Speaker with aux/phone leads

  • Capacity: 22 students + 1 Instructor


Studio 3

Ideal for more intimate practices, not suitable for “loud” practices as treatment rooms adjacent.

  • Room spec: 6.5m x 6.5m

  • 2 mirrored walls

  • Air conditioning / Heating

  • Infrared panels

  • Equipment included: Yoga mats, Foam bricks, Yoga straps, Speaker with aux/phone leads

  • Capacity 12 students + 1 Instructor


Treatment Room

Ideal for bodywork such as massage, physio, osteopathy,
reflexology, acupuncture .


  • Room includes:

  • Hydraulic treatment bed

  • Towels & laundry

  • Couch roll

  • Electricity

  • Tissues

  • Gloves

  • Speaker

  • Air conditioning / Heating

  • Sharps bin

  • Wash basin and hand sanitiser

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