Transformational Breath® @

Transformational Breath® is a safe, conscious breathing technique, that promotes natural healing and growth through direct experience with the breath. It brings awareness to unresolved issues holding us back in life and simultaneously supports the conscious integration on a physical, emotional/mental and spiritual level. 

Deep diaphragmatic breathing has a cleansing effect which enhances physical healing, emotional balance and connection to self. It has proven to support the healing and balance stress-related issues such as anxiety, depression and low self-esteem as well as replenish physical energy levels too. It has also proven to help support the healing of oxygen deficient diseases, including digestive and hormonal problems. It can also enhance creativity, meditation, relationships, and a sense of oneness with all of life.

It is a gentle yet empowering experience which encourages you to embrace life on a whole new level and continues to offer a lifelong tool.

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