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60. Somatic Coaching

  • 1 hour
  • 75 British pounds


Somatic coaching is a modality of life coaching, where the coach and client are connected through the mind, body, and energy field working towards the empowerment of a client. Somatic, means interior body where we work through the awareness of the body. Every story in the cognitive process has a reflection in the body. We work through sensations, feelings, and images that are occurring in the body and get to know them better and from the different perspectives that we are used to. Bringing curiosity about sensations, feelings, and images creates new neuro-pathways of how to engage with oneself, relationships, projects difficulties, and even diseases. Somatic coaching offers an orientation for the betterment of all life, rooted in the present moment. It is trauma-aware and yet it supports our natural, organic way of being to come to life and creates space for our life to find the way that is making us feel alive. Somatic coaching offers a lighter, easier more straightforward way to deal with anything that is truly present in life. The most beautiful thing about Somatic coaching is that the body never lies and it offers guidance for our life to meet peace and harmony. Somatic Coaching is for anyone and everyone who would like to: - Find a way to empower mental health - Stop giving power to the stories in the head - Connect with the intelligence of the body and develop a self-empowered way of living - Let go of shame, guilt, blame and jealousy - Improve relationships - Accept and transform fears - Accept and learn how to love life and yourself - Step into a new chapter of life - Start fresh, have a different point of view on life - Find the meaning and live the most giving and receiving life from the universal law of Nature

Cancellation Policy

In order to have a full refund, you can cancel/reschedule your treatment (with the same therapist) online or by calling us up to 24 hours from the time of your appointment. No refund will be issued for late cancelations or no shows. If booked on the day we will require a pre payment and in case of cancelation or no show no refund will be issued.

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