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Save the Lodge!

Support the Lodge by:

Joining us for our Fundraising Days,

Purchasing up-front memberships,

Donating to our Crowdfunder

Fundraising Days

The Lodge Space isn't just a family-owned business;

it's a community and a home away from home. 

The Lodge.


For the past 7 years, we've poured our hearts into creating a nurturing home away from home for the Southwark Community. We proudly offer 60+ low-cost classes a week, serving over 250 members, alongside countless visitors who enjoy our food, treatments, and community space.


We now need your help to save the Lodge.

The revenue that we currently generate is not able to cover the inflationary cost increases and the Lodge’s founding family are no longer able to financially sustain the Lodge.

We are now at the critical stage where we require funding in order to continue keeping our doors open.

We’re confident that we will recover from this, however, we are in need of short-term funding and long-term changes to keep the Lodge’s doors open. 


We’d love for our Lodge community to support us by donating to our crowd-funding page. We have rewards in place for donations received and we really appreciate any support you are able to give.



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