Fitness @

We offer a wide range of fitness, conditioning and Pilates classes for all ability levels. Complement your yoga practise with a dynamic HIIT class or retrain and realign with a Pilates class.



A dynamic fitness class using a mix of body weight and equipment. Challenge yourself with this fun intense circuit style workout.

Total Tone

All about the toning, using a series of bodyweight and functional movements to tone the body from head to toe. Low Impact, our most accessible fitness class

Legs Glutes & Abs

Legs, Glutes and Abs focuses predominantly on the lower  body; using a challenging array of movements to make sure you feel that nice intense burn. You'll walk away feeling stronger, fitter and ready to take on the day. 


Box Fit

A high intensity Boxing session here. Try your hand at combat and learn correct pad positions and boxing techniques to jab, cross and hook your way to a leaner meaner body!

We have our own gloves but please bring your own where possible. 

Core Blast

Working to strengthen the core and build balance through a high intensity circuit class. Hitting the abs from all possible angles through a variety of body weight exercises and movements. Get toned and get strong!


HIIT & Box

High Intensity Workout with a twist!
If you like the high energy, blasting moves and the feeling of POWER then this is your class!

Challening circuits making with the addition of boxing movement to give you a good sweat whilst sculpting the body from all sides.

HIIT & Bands

High Intensity Workout with a twist!
If you like the high energy, blasting moves and the feeling of POWER then this is your class!

Using high intensity circuits mixed with functional resistance bands to push your to your limits whilst building strength and burning calories. 

HIIT Blast

A High intensity workout designed to help you sweat, move and breathe your way to your physical peak.

Using a fusion of body weight exercises, weights, and functional movement. 



A HIIT workout designed to strengthen, tone and increase your fitness in every way. Using a variety of bodyweight exercises, equipment and functional movement this ever changing class will keep you on your toes. After an intense calorie burn indulge in a energising yoga flow to finish the class, helping build flexibility, reduce muscle soreness and bring energy and focus to your day!



Get a full body workout toning, lengthening and strengthening. Improving alignment, preventing injury and aiding recovery in an engaging and focused class suitable for all levels.

Barre & Bands

Inspired by ballet technique "BARRE & BANDS" is the perfect combination of being "graceful but strong".

This class is about finding strength, core and balance. You will work like a dancer and train your muscles like never before.

Get ready to fire up your core, glutes and legs while you learn about the grace of posture and balance.