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Liability Waiver

1. LIABILITY WAIVER In signing up to use the facilities at you are accepting personal liability for your own safety and are agreeing that you are fit and well enough to take part in physical exercise. Should you have any concerns about your wellness to attend please consult your Doctor. If you are taking any medication that may impact your ability to participate in class then please also consult your doctor beforehand. By participating in our classes, you understand this produces a risk of injury and accept that you are solely responsible for any injuries sustained in the session. It is your responsibility to listen to your body and use this to inform your decisions. Your participance accepts that you are fully aware of the risks involved. You accept that neither the instructor nor the facility is liable for any injury, or damages, to person or property resulting from the taking of the class. If any movement feels too difficult, too uncomfortable, or too physically challenging for you, please do not continue the movement or class. Always tune into your own physical experience and let this guide your choices throughout your practice. You must advise the instructor at the beginning of each and every class of any injuries, illnesses or issues that may impact your ability to participate. Our classes are not a substitute for physiotherapy or medical care, if you have any serious conditions please inform our teachers first. In classes you may receive physical assists or adjustments from the instructor to enhance and correct body posture, if this is something you are not comfortable with then please inform them beforehand. You must be at least 16 years of age to attend the adult classes at From the age of 15 and below we have designated classes children can attend. In such classes children are the full responsibility of the parent or guardian. It is strictly forbidden to take part in classes or treatments whilst under the influence of alcohol and recreational drugs. In agreeing to the liability waiver you are also agreeing to our terms and conditions, personal privacy policy, cancellation policy and purchase policy. Your agreement is legally and contractually binding with 1.1 CHILD BOOKING WAIVER The Lodge Space takes all reasonable care in ensuring that its programmes are safe. However, the Parent and/or Carer agrees that their child will be engaging in physical activities that may involve some risk of injury. The Parent and/or Carer acknowledges that they have been aordvised to consult with their child’s physician with respect to any past or present injury, illness, health problem any other condition or medication that may affect their child’s participation in the The Lodge Space programmes. The Parent and/or Carer assumes the above risks and accepts responsibility for any injury sustained by their child and discharge and hold harmless The Lodge Space, its Owners, and personnel including its Teachers and its Suppliers from any liability arising from any injury to your child or other persons or property caused by your child’s participation in the The Lodge Space programmes. The Lodge Space takes no responsibility whatsoever for any loss, damage or expense incurred by a Pupil and or Parent/Carer whilst participating in a class or whilst on the premises of where a class is taking place. The Lodge Space reserves the right to exclude a Parent and/or Carer and/or Pupil from a class permanently, or for the time they feel necessary, due to behaviour that is not deemed acceptable within a class. The Parent and/or Carer agrees that any claim made against The Lodge Space, its Owners, and personnel including its Teachers and its Suppliers, will be made in writing within 30 days of the incident taking place and failure to report in writing within this time will negate any such claim. The Parent and/or Carer and/or Pupil must not attend any Class whilst suffering from any serious illness or contagious disease or anything similar thereto. The Parent and/or Carer takes full responsibility for the Pupil during a class and/or whilst on the premises for a class. Our yoga is fun but it may be physically challenging and carry with it risks that we cannot entirely eliminate. These include the risk of personal injury. You should not practice our yoga unless you are fit and healthy to do so. We are not qualified to express an opinion that you are fit and healthy to practice yoga. You may wish to obtain professional or specialist advice from your doctor before practicing yoga. You are solely responsible for your health and safety while practicing yoga including for the health and safety of any child taking part. These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties hereto and supersedes prior agreements and understandings between the parties.

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