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Parent and Toddler Yoga

Parent/toddler (1-4yrs) yoga is focused on yoga for the parents, where they can bring their baby and do something for themselves at the same time (Calming down the mind, create strength and flexibility etc. all the good things that Yoga does). The children are encouraged to be part of the practice as the parent will show them a few poses that the children may also be able to do. They can copy their parent if they want to and get the physical benefits from the practice also.


Parent and Baby Yoga

One for the family. A class for mums and dads to bring their tiny one along to (0-1yrs) A beautiful and fun flowing yoga class with postures designed especially for you and your mini Lodger.


Baby/Toddler Music & Movement

With live music, familiar tunes, and original songs, you and your little one will dance, sing, and play instruments as they learn individual skills and interact with their peers.


Baby Sensory

Suitable for Pre-Walkers. This class combines creative play, massage, movement, visual stimulation, textures, scents and music to engage your little one in an exploration of the world around them in a fun and friendly environment.

Parent & Toddler Latin dance

With fun props, musical instruments, and movement games, this class transports us to the soundscape of South America. We will play, sing, and dance to a variety of Latin rhythms as we learn about the Spanish language and Latin American culture. Suitable for confident runners and talkers.


Kids Budokon

The Bdk Kids mixed movement arts program is an extraordinarily holistic approach to educating children by teaching them yoga, martial arts, mobility, gymnastics and meditation. BDK London teaches children the physical, emotional and intellectual skills essential to the development of outstanding character, powerful physical prowess and unstoppable self confidence.

Please note that Kids budokon is an external class and not included in membership

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Please note that tennis for tots is an external class and not included in membership