Hot Yoga

Our intimate hot studio is fitted with state of the art FAR infrared panels.

FAR Infrared is an invisible energy wave which heats deeply and directly It feels similar to the heat of the sun but without any of the risks associated with UVA or UVB rays to damage your skin.

Benefits of Hot Yoga


Sweating is the body’s natural way to detoxify and stay healthy. FAR Infrared heat raises the core temperature of the body in a natural, comfortable way. The heat helps to improve circulation and boost the immune system helping to provide a detoxifying effect to the body.


The combination between heat and movement can burn up to 600 calories in a one hour class. As the body works to cool itself the heart rate rises increasing cardiac output and metabolic rate causing the body to burn more calories.

PAIN RELIEF + Recovery

The heat penetrates deep into the tissues, joints and muscles helping to relieve aches and pains. Far infrared heat also speeds up recovery and helps to relieve symptoms of chronic pain and stiffness.


Giving you a healthy glow, far infrared allows increased blood circulation helping to carry extra nutrients to the skin, promoting healthy tone and texture.


Hot Flow

A creative flowing yoga class. Working with the breath to move from posture to posture. Designed to build flexibility, strength whilst cultivating a sense of calmness and focus. Using the additional benefits of the heat to work deeper into postures and build up a sweat.

Hot Power Flow

Feel the power as your sweat and flow through an hour of dynamic power yoga. Suitable for all levels but expect a challenge. 

Dynamic Hot Flow

An energising Vinyasa flow class. Connecting breath with movement to help you work towards intermediate and more advanced postures throughout a continuous flow of asanas. Enjoy energising playlists specifically designed to carry you through your sequence or relaxing sounds to bring your focus inwards. Expect to stretch deeply, challenge your balance, twist and backbend your way finishing with a deep and relaxing savasana., Using the heat to really raise the body’s core temperature and build up a good healthy sweat.


Hot Slow Flow

Deep, slow and relaxing, this flow uses the benefit of the heated panels to bring you deeper into your postures. Calming soundtracks and slow nurturing transitions from posture to posture to help you heal, move and chill.

Hot Yin

Yin is a therapeutic style of yoga that is meditative, slow paced; helping to balance an active lifestyle. Stretches are held longer and deeper, enhancing flexibility and joint mobility whilst encouraging healing and realigning the body’s connective tissues. The heat of the studio will bring you deeper into your postures and help you focus your mind.

Our studios are heated with the latest infrared panels to a temperature of around 36 degrees. 

  • Please make sure you drink enough water before hand. 

  • Our hot classes are not suitable for people who are pregnant.

  • You will need a towel for your mat, feel free to bring your own or they are on hire from reception.

  • Please keep showers after class as short as possible when classes are busy to help everyone get to the shower on time!